The birth of

the herd

The Yak Ales brand, like every strong character, has had an interesting upbringing. To look in to the true history of Fat Yak you have to go back and follow the path of three brewers and their quest to bring crafted boutique ales to the shores of Australia. Are you sitting comfortably?

Matilda Bay Brewing Company was originally created in 1983. It established itself in the craft of specialty brewing in Fremantle, WA at the same time there was a similar phenomenon happening in the USA. Using locally grown Cascade hops, the region’s craft brewers developed a truly distinctive and unique beer style, the Northwest Pale Ale. Although based on traditional India Pale Ales, the Northwest style has its own unique character - one driven mostly by an assertive bitterness and a distinctive fruit and citrus aroma from the locally grown hops. We perfected it and launched Alpha Pale Ale which became an immediate success, an Australian classic, winning many awards along the way.

On the back of the success they decided to create an easier drinking beer in the traditional North American Pale Ale style to engage the masses. In 2008, ‘Little Alpha’ produced the goods and Fat Yak was born. Fat Yak was a big and hairy beast, a serious, credible Pale Ale which also happened to be relatively easy to throw down. Fat Yak grew quickly soon becoming the country’s leading craft beer as voted by the public year on year, featuring in over 2,000 venues across Australia selling over 1 million cases a year.

Early 2015 saw Yak Ales release a new member of the herd, Lazy Yak. An easy going American Pale Ale with a light citrus and summer fruit flavour. A highly refreshing beast, it took the market by storm becoming our most successful craft launch to date selling over 420,000 cases in the first year...

Next? September 2016 sees a fresh and fruity tropical beast, Wild Yak Pacific Ale, enter the herd which will pave the way for even more Australians to enjoy craft beer and crack a yak.